Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New projects

This year, I am organizing two new projects:

1. Many participants were interested in the “Anatomy of emotions” theme. It is one of my favorite research topics. However, organizing this workshop I realized that “pushing” all the information in the 3-hour workshop in order to “get into” the theme is unrealistic. But the theme is very exciting! And, of course, it’s better to do it good than bad or nothing. That is why I invite everyone for the course “Anatomy of emotions”, where participants can explore their basic, archetypical emotions/ affects, such as joy, interest, fear, sadness, anger, shame and surprise. Emotions have physiological and psychological basis. They act like a bridge between body and consciousness. Out of many basic emotional manifestations we can distinguish basic affects that accompany us from birth, such as joy, interest, surprise, fear, anger and sadness. L. Stuart, a famous Jungian analytic, replaced a concept of “negative” emotions by “crisis” emotions. In this sense, the purpose of these emotions is to deal with arising crisis situations. During this course we will explore our affects, where and how they arise in our body and movement. Also we will understand how to deal with them and try to find a way to interact with them, to “dance” with these emotions literally and figuratively. The course is calculated for approximately 20-24 hours. The start date and lessons structure (when, where and how often) will be set as soon as the group forms. Minimum number of participants is 6 people, maximum 20.

2. Another “long-play” project is for women - “Heroine’s Journey”. How does it differ from a journey of a hero? Why passing the journey of a hero a woman comes to the finish not full of energy but feeling empty and senseless? Doesn’t she go to the right place? Or not the right way? Which our true course as women? Although there exist certain general stages for all journeys, this is always a unique way. Unique quest on the way to Integrity/ Wholeness. Unique dance. I invite you to join me in this journey. Soon I will describe this workshop in more detail. The course is calculated for approximately 30 hours. The lessons structure will be set as soon as the group forms. Minimum number of participants is 6 people, maximum 12.

For more information and registration please contact me via email or phone.

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