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Introductory workshop "Music of the Body" in Malta!

December 7, 2013

In Every-Body lives the  unique  music, the  unique  rhythm.
How to  keep  and  nurture  you  own Music,
How to know  your  Own  rhythm,
How to Listen    and  Hear  the  music  and  rhythms of  other  people,
How to  make  a  contact  with the  World  without losing  Yourself. 
How to  Be  Yourself in  contact  with  the Others –
that are the main topics  of our  workshop.

In  this  workshop  we  shall address to two  big  realms 
- to  the  body  as it is and  to  the  movement,  the  “music”  through which  the  body  express itself  , to  the  space where  the  body  moves, the  forms  and  the qualities  of the  movement;
- and  to the  main  life  themes , that  emerge  when  we  start pay attention  to  our  body-selves, such as  grounding,  support, boundaries ,  trust,  leadership, empathy etc.

This workshop is  for  those who is interested in  self-development  and self-exploration through creative expression, music, movement,  dance. This workshop is about  how  to  be aware and sensitive to your  own body, your needs, desires and feelings and at the same time  to  stay  sensitive to  the “music” of  the  outer world, to  the feelings  of the other people. In other worlds  this  workshop is  about  how to be  yourself being  in  contact  with  the others.
During   the  workshop   we shall learn  to listen to  the rhythms of our  body and  to the  voice of our  soul. We shall explore  our body,  and  through the  body  explore ourselves and  the  world around. Movement exercises  and play,  free dance  expression , art-therapy exercises  will help us to  explore  how our  embodied Self experience and  interact  such  themes as space, boundaries, control, relationships, strength, polarities, harmony -  and  through these themes  we  shall learn to hear and  to play  the  music of Life.
Although these themes  will be  the keynotes of the  workshop, there will be enough space for the  individual themes  and  needs  of every participant and  the  group process.
As a result  participants :
- will get access to their inner  vital and creative sources
- will develop  sensitivity  towards  their  bodies, their needs and feelings.
- will able  to move  expressing  themselves fully  and  free
- will get positive  emotional experience.

Facilitator: Julia Morozova-van Steenis – dance/movement therapist and educator, chair of dance therapy department of Ja!Academy ( Tilburg, NL) author and facilitator of many therapeutic and personal development programmes using dance/movement therapy approach, Professional Member  of  DMT Associations of  Russia and The  Netherlands,  Board officer of European Association Dance/Movement Therapy 

The workshop is going to take place at the Plaza Hotel (248, Plaza Hotel, Tower Road, Sliema) on the 7th of December, 2013, Saturday, from 8.45 till 13.15.

+35699229803, Elena Tonna.

For more information about the workshop contact the faciltator Julia Morozova,  via email 

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