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Art of Re-Creation. A Gedonistic Intensive in order to Rest and Create.

International project Dancing Spirals and Exisdance present

Art of Rе-Creation

A Hedonistic Intensive in order to Rest and Create

France, December 15-22, 2013

How often do we promise ourselves to change habits of a lifetime – from Monday or on the first day of the month, or at the beginning of the New Year? We tend to believe in the power of number 1… However, with the number 1 our miracles are not being accomplished, and within a few days or weeks everything comes back to the initial state. The accumulation of fatigue, old habits and lack of energy keeps us from progressing.
Would you like to change this pattern?
We invite you to go with us through the magic point of Winter Solstice, the Yule holiday celebrated by our ancestors as the moment when the sun is born. It is a moment when new plans are created and new dreams are realized. It is the beginning of a new cycle, a time of renewal, purification and transition into a new stage or a new level. These are the moments when we can leave behind our worries, old habits and patterns are not always useful and no longer work - dive in .... and come out renewed!
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We invite you to go through this process with us at our hedonistic retreat-intensive "Art of Re-Creation". Re-Creation means not only a rest but also the Creation/Building up of our Health, Energy, Activity and Vitality. So we are going to spend a week in a particularly relaxing place full of Fantastic fresh vibrations doing lots of Dance - Art - Clearance - Enjoy - Relax.
Our Intensive will allow you to destress, to reboot, to rest, to aquire stress management skills so you will be able to prevent burnout in the future.
For whom?
The Program could be especially useful for anybody who needs to be liberated from the effects of stress, particularly for those who work with people (doctors, teachers, managers) and may experience burn out effect.
What we are going to do in this week?
This week is not just about rest but the exploration of art and the skills of relaxation.
We will immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of creativity and pleasurable activities.
• Dance Therapy and Authentic Movement
• Music and Handcrafts,
• Meditation and Body-work,

• Mountain walks and Bathing in the hot springs,

• Healthy food and Attention to your inner wishes and needs.
We will address all our senses - vision, hearing, taste, smell , touch and kinetic sensation in order to enhance our perception and capacity to enjoy life. We shall keep
Our Art secrets in our unique Hand Made Scrap Book. Everyone will create it by themselves . This Book will help to track and integrate experience and save Intensive sensation, to bring it into everyday life and use it later.
After this re-Creating week you will be able to
• manage stress,
• achieve a nice balanced mind-body condition,
• enjoy your everyday life,
• radiate and feel happy.
When and where
December 15-22, 2013
Les Sources, Escouloubre, France.
Our intensive will take place in the former hot spring resort , which now is restored as a beautiful retreat center. Comfortable and cozy accommodation, generous hosts, delicious food, beautiful nature around - all this would provide relaxed and creative athmospere. The intensive will take place in one of the most interesting part of France - pay d’Oc. The participants will have a chance to get acquainted with this land of beautiful nature and rich history
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Julia Morozova-van Steenis (NL) – dance/movement therapist and educator, chair of dance therapy department of Ja!Academy ( Tilburg, NL) author and facilitator of many therapeutic and personal development programmes using dance/movement therapy approach, organisator of international peer meetings of authentic movement practitioners (since 2011). Board officer of European Association Dance/Movement Therapy
Elena Vershkova (UK) - Hypnotherapist, Health Coach, Metaphysical Healer, Psyhcic Phenomena Reseacher, Member of National Hypnotherapy Society, member of Society of Psychic Research.
The intensive will be conducted in English and eventually in Russian.
For more information and application please contact us , +31641884189, skype yuliamorozova , +447754728884, +79263550835 skype el-ver
Web: http://exisdance.org
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