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News of the Professional field: Heidelberg

17th Herbstacademie: The Implications of Embodiment
The  international  conference on Embodiment  in Heidelberg 30.09-1.10.2012
The keynotspeakers  are:
Lawrence Barsalou, cognitive science, Emory University, Atlanta
Wilma Bucci, psychotherapy, Adelphi University, New York
Christine Caldwell, somatic psychology, Naropa University, Boulder
Karl Grammer, anthropology, University of Vienna
Hermann Haken, theoretical physics and synergetics, University of Stuttgart
Sascha Topolinski, social psychology, University of Würzburg

The program (very  exciting!) is   on  the  website of  the  conference

Opening  of  the  Master Program in Dance/Movement  Therapy  in Heidelberg ,  October, 4-5th, 2012

The SRH University Heidelberg is proud to announce the Master Program for Dance Movement Therapy starting October 2012. It requires a BA in Humanities, Arts or Social Sciences (or an equivalent degree) and offers an MA of 120 ECTSCredits. Including phenomenological and cognitive science perspectives, the program will be firmly based in a health sciences model (evidence-based practice). The Master will be a part-time model running three years, with a possible change to full-time model from 2013 on.

The Welcome Program will include Lectures and Workshops with Dr. Sharon W. Goodill, USA, President of the American Dance Therapy Association ADTA, Dr. Diana Fischman, Argentina, Head of the DMT training BRECHA and founding president, Dr. Christine Caldwell, somatic psychology, Bolder, CO, and Dr. Marianne Eberhard, DSSH, Cologne:

Thursday, October 4th
09.30h – 10.00h Opening of the Program: Dr. Sabine C. Koch, Coordinator
10.00h – 11.00h Dr. Sharon W. Goodill “Dance/Movement Therapy: Widening, Advancing and Rising”
11.30h – 12.30h Dr. Marianne Eberhard: “Modalities of Mirroring: Developmental and
Psychopathological Correlates” (Lecture)
12.30h – 14.00h Lunch Break
14.00h – 16.00h Dr. Sharon W. Goodill “Medical DMT” (Workshop)
16.30h – 17.30h Reflections of the Day
Friday, October 5th
09.30h – 10.00h Dr. Sabine C. Koch: Embodied Enactive DMT
10.00h – 11.00h Dr. Christine Caldwell: Introduction to the Moving Circle
11.30h – 12.30h Dr. Diana Fischman: “Kinesthetic Empathy” (Lecture)
12.30h – 14.00h Lunch Break
14.00h – 16.00h Dr. Diana Fischman: “Kinesthetic Empathy” (Workshop)
16.30h – 17.30h Reflections of the Day
Participantion Fee: € 60 Euro per Day

SRH Hochschule Heidelberg
Fakultät für Therapiewissenschaften
Maaßstraße 26, 69123 Heidelberg
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