Thursday, February 12, 2015

Body Talks: explaining complex things creatively

I  wrote  before  how   difficult  though  important  is  to describe  my  work  as  Dance/Movement  Therapist   simply  but  not primitive.  Now  again  I  am preparing   for  the  meeting  with  other  colleagues  creative  therapists,  musing  how  can I  make  my pitch convincing, inspirational  and  truly  reflecting  the  essense of  my  work... Quite  challenging  , especially  when  i  have  to  do it  not in my   native  language...

And  I  admire  when I  can  find good  examples  of  such a  work.  and    today  I  came  across  the  beautiful  videos  created  by  the  Place,  UK  Contemporary  Dance  centeron  the  similar  topic.  These  are  explaining  about  contemporary  dance   but  every  word  is  true  also  for any dance  and  embodied  practice  in common.  Actually  about  any  embodied  communication:)  For  me  it  is  a  wonderful  combination  of text, image,  animation and humor  to   give  a  tangible  form  to  abstract  concepts.

Here are  three lessons  on Body  Talk  

And  as  bonus  -  an  animated  guide  in the  world of  dance styles!

So,  dear colleagues, I  started  to  think  -  the  animation  films  explaining  how  DMT  works  -  can  we  do  that? Who is up  to?

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