Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Exisdance workshop: "Body Stories"- Introduction to Authentic Movement. October, 1st in Amsterdam

We often say: "the body language", "listen what your body says to you", but we are not always aware that it’s not just idiom, the body really can tell its story.

And we just have to learn to tune up, listen and feel , and let this story happen.

This workshop is an introduction to the discipline of Authentic Movement.

Authentic Movement as a form of active imagination through the movement cultivates a contemplative frame of mind, clarity of perception, and movement that is personally enhancing.

Authentic Movement helps to restore the contact with your own body-self, to understand the body language, to maintain and develop your Self, increase the clarity of perception and expression of inner meanings and images in your movement and speech.

We shall learn how movement that emerges from the depths of the body and in the core of Dream Space of our Soul can be the path to personal transformation, healing and spiritual journey.

For whom:

· For everybody who looks for the opportunity to embody the quests of his/her Souls and Spirit into movement

· For those who sees the movement as a way for self-exploring, self-opening and a source of creative inspiration.

Where: Amsterdam, Studio Vredenburgh, Vredenburgersteeg 31-35

When: October, 1st, 13.30-17.00

Fee: 20 euro

Facilitator: Julia Morozova-van Steenis, born and grown up in Russia, living and working now between The Netherlands, Russia and Montenegro, dance/movement therapist, the author and facilitator of therapeutic and personal development programs, co-organizer of the International Peer-gathering of Authentic Movement Practitioners.

For more information, please, contact Julia: +31641884189 , jmorozova@gmail.com or http://exisdance.org

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