Monday, August 22, 2011

Exisdanse: New season opening! September, 3rd in Amsterdam!

is what appears when existence and dance interlace together.

When every dance we dance is a reflection of our lives.

This year we have prepared a lot of new and interesting projects for everyone who is interested in personal development through dance, movement and creative self-expression and for everyone who likes to dance. There will be workshops on Authentic Movement , group for babies and mothers, workshops for women , travel-workshops “Music of the body” etc.

Extra to that, every first Saturday of the month Exisdance organizes open classes.

Every class is dedicated to a certain topic, and the theme of the first meeting on September , 3rd is “The Beginning”.

How we begin something new? How do we know that something new is already started? Which feelings do we have when we are about to start something new? What is the magic of creating something from nothing?

We shall explore these issues and their meaning for our lives using movement dance, play and performance.

But first of all – let’s make of this a joyful meeting of friends loving dance, movement and creativity! There will be many presents and surprises for the guests of the Exisdance Open Day! Which? Come and you will find out!


13.30-14.00 meeting, tea and coffee

14.00-14.15 opening performance

14.15 – 16.15 –workshop The Beginning, closing with collective performance

16.15 – 17.00 - sharing, dancing and celebrating the Existence in DanceJ and also sharing information about upcoming events

When : 3 september 13.30 – 17.00

Where: Studio Vredenburgh, Amsterdam

Entree fee: participation in the Open day is free of charge if you:

- Let me know that you are coming , leaving a comment here or mailing me

- Spread the word about the open day in your blog, Facebook, Hyvess inviting your friends

- Make your contribution in the feast meal by bringing something tasty!:)(optional)

Organization and facilitation – Julia Morozova, dance/movement therapist

Contact info: E-mail


Phone: +31641884189

Skype: yuliamorozova

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