Sunday, February 27, 2011

4th International Peer Gathering of Authentic Movement Practitioners - 2011. September 9-14th.

Dear Authentic Movement colleagues,

We are glad to announce our next International Peer Gathering of Authentic Movement Practitioners!

It has been a great experience to come together from different countries to share our interest for the practice of Authentic Movement. For three years these gatherings, which were initiated by Clarissa Costa, Guto Macedo, Isaias Costa, and Soraya Jorge, took place in the wonderful atmosphere of the therapeutic Centre Gersthof in Vienna .

But the initial idea of these international gatherings was that these events would be organized and hosted by different people from different countries, and this time we decided to organize our meeting in a new place.
This time our organizational team is composed by Guto Macedo, Irina Muterperel, Isaias Costa, Julia Morozova and Soraya Jorge.

Despite the change of the place and the time we will maintain our initial ideas and principles of this event:

Our intention is to move together and share personal and professional experiences in Authentic Movement in a pleasant and inspiring environment. As Authentic Movement practitioners (whether we use AM in our professional activities or as a personal development practice) we are interested in:
- deepening our understanding of Authentic Movement,
- exploring the possibilities of the further development of AM as a practice,
- meeting other practitioners who share the interest and passion to AM .


When: September 9th – 14th, 2011 . Starting on Friday with dinner, we will practice Authentic Movement on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Departure on Wednesday after Breakfast.

Montenegro, Orahovac. The gathering will take place at the beautiful location – Kotorska Boka, one of the most remarkable places on the Adriatic sea. We lodge at a small and comfortable apartment complex with all necessities and luxury facilities - space for moving sessions, open terraces, swimming pool, Sauna (with Russian Banja and Hammam), 100 meters from the beach , near to beautiful old cities of Kotor and Perast. Here are few photos for inspiration:

More photos you can find at

€160,00 including lodging and food (breakfast, lunch and dinner), organizational and administration costs. Transfer from airport Tivat is included. From other Airports (Dubrovnik, Podgorica)it will cost a bit more .
Solidarity Funding: The financial situation of our colleagues all over the world and the travel expenses are very unequal. If you feel you want to donate a contribution (think about the usual costs of a professional congress) or to make use of this funding, please make contact to Irina Muterperel who will treat your issue confidentially.

Application (due by May 31st 2011):

This meeting is intended to be at peer level, this means that there will be no paid trainer or leader (the organizing group sees its works as a service to the whole Authentic Movement community and will be rewarded by the expected professional exchange and networking itself). All persons attending are expected to have adequate experience in moving and training AM in order to be responsible for their own personal process. If you think you meet this criterion and want to participate, please write an email to

You might like to consider the following in your application:

1) How did you hear of our gathering? What is your connection to the AM-community?
2) What kind of training in Authentic Movement did you have (teachers and form)?
3) Describe how you use AM in your work.
4) Describe your practice as a therapist as well.
5) What kind of work on yourself have you gone through (own analysis).
Please feel free to tell us other things, which you think are relevant.

Participation is by invitation only.
We will answer your application by the end of June and inform you about registration.

Sincerely yours,
organizational team of International Peer Gathering of Authentic Movement Practitioners :
Guto Macedo, Irina Muterperel, Isaias Costa, Julia Morozova and Soraya Jorge.

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