Thursday, January 14, 2016

Islands of Dreams. Dance/Movement THerapy Retreat on malta, March 18th-24th, 2016

We invite you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere and energy of the Islands of Malta: an ideal setting for our forthcoming retreat entitled The Island of Dreams.

Malta is a perfect place to enjoy a week-long retreat where you can take time out and participate in our project Dancing Spirals, dedicated to promoting health and wellness through dance, movement, reflection, meditation and exploration.

 If you love to move and to be creative and you're looking for something that captures the spirit of change our workshops might appeal. Our retreat will offer you some time to yourself, an opportunity to heal your body, a chance to reflect and join in some group movement workshops comprising authentic movement and dance improvisation.

Your facilitators Julia Morozova and Paula Grech are experienced dance movement psychotherapists. We are passionate about Malta and would love to share a journey of discovery and adventure with like minded people through movement, exploration, reflection and healing through dance.

What this retreat offers you:

• An immersion in Malta
• Stillness - surrounded by beautiful archeological settings and opportunities for reflection
• Time out - for meditation and other forms of processing through drawing and writing
• Sharing the movement experience in a group and being inspired by others
• Sharing the outer journey with others and connecting with other like-minded people
• Guided tours to Malta's archeological sites, which are among the most important pre-historical sites in the world (pre-dating Stonehenge and the Pyramids)

• Movement and dance opportunities to involve the practice of authentic movement and dance improvisation with two experienced dance movement psychotherapists
• A group therapy experience
• A chance to process and heal your body

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